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KT8 Model Jukebox

Touch Screen Karaoke Jukebox

KT8  Jukebox - Features

KT8 (One Piece) or KT8 Split (Two Piece) Models Available
Huge 21.5"  Wide Touch Screen
Touch Screen senses through the hardened outer glass panel.
15" Sub LED back lit speaker panel changes colour in time with the music.
Karaoke on Dual Screens if needed. (HDMI output)
Unbreakable Rubber Mic holders & Curly Corded Microphones.
Turn the vocals on and off via the front screen when singing to Karaoke songs.
KT8 & KT8 Split Jukebox (very compact & only 87Kgs)

Drink and contaminants cannot enter via the touch screen as there are no cut outs in the front panel.
KT8 is available with Coin Mech option. (Split version is not available with a Coin Mech Option)
Included in price:  1 x Spare SSD Hard Drive in a removable rack, 2 curly corded mics.
SIZE:  131.5cm High, 48.3cm & 63.3cm
Robust computer-based jukebox ready for hire.
Music & Karaoke Packages Available or Choose your Own from our Extensive Library
Free Software Upgrades
Warranty - 2 years parts & labour, up to 5 Years on some parts (Original Equipment Manufacturer)

KT8  Jukebox - Screen Shots

 Example of the Karaoke Words and our Famous "Bubble Help"

 Easy to use Category Chooser, You can also create your our custom Categories for Weddings etc...

KT8 Split Jukebox - Features

  • Ideal screen height for children & adults to view.
  • The cabinet is built similar to an arcade game for toughness, but light and ideal for Party Hire.
  • Steel grill in front of speakers for maximum protection.
  • 2 years parts & labour, 24/7 help line.
  • Built in wheels at the rear.
  • Comes standard with 2 Microphone, a spare Hard Drive and a easy to use manual.
  • Unbreakable Rubber Mic holders & Curly Corded Microphones.
  • No CD's - Songs are categorised and sorted by tune or Artist by the computer within.
  • No flip-cards to change
  • Fast set up times
  • 1/4 hr on site to demonstrate and collect payment.
  • Easily customised for each party - No CD's & selection cards to change. Just click on the Categories of music the customer needs for his / her party.
  • User-friendly interface - You don't have to be a computer wiz to select your favourite song.
  • Pop-up "Thought Bubble Help" Screens assist the user.
  • 15" Bass speakers, powered by a 200W RMS Amp.
  • Bass speaker does not slope up at an angle. This avoids catching dripping drinks and food particles.
  • Real music for Karaoke - Unlike any other Karaoke machine we know of, a Stewart Jukebox actually plays the radio version of a song. Everybody at the party ends up joining in. Great for return business.
  • Built specifically (Height, Width for two rows and depth for at least 5 deep) for Merc single rear wheel, Transit Van & Renault Master.
  • All Stewart Jukeboxes stack easily in your truck / van / trailer without the need of cover bags or blankets. This greatly speeds up set down and pick up times and keeps the dust levels from those bags to zero. (less on site cleaning)
  • One piece Jukebox for speedy a set up, there needs to be only one trip to your truck when setting up the jukebox.
  • The "KT8 Split" can remain locked together when moving normally or split so it can be easily carried up steps or over rough ground

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