Jukebox & Karaoke Hire Checklist

Delivery Time

(Normal delivery times 9 am – 5pm Saturday) You must phone the day before for your delivery time and to confirm your booking details. You must be at the function site one hour before estimated delivery time (Just in case we are early)

Set Down

Make sure you’re home for delivery and the time designated and have the cash payment ready

Priority Delivery / Pick Up

(Fees Apply – see booking form) At least 48 hours notice must be given if you require a paid prority delivery or pickup subject to delivery “time slot” availability. If you need the Jukebox delivered at a specified time for delivery or pick-up eg. Wedding, Surprise party, lunch time parties, person not at deliver address during certain hours of the function day etc. a $20 fee will apply (see booking form). Set delivery and pick up times can range 30 minutes either side of delivery time. Whilst all attempts will be made to get your delivery on time traffic delays or late bookings may affect the delivery schedule. It is the hirer’s responsibility:-

(a) To be home for delivery and pickup of the jukebox

(b) To check the venue opening times for delivery and pickup of the jukebox on Saturday & Sunday. (Note:- We must have access at all times between 9am and 5pm)

(c) Advise us of the times before sending back the booking form and pay for a priority delivery and or pickup.

Meeting Arrangements

For deliveries, you must be at the function venue at the set time arranged to meet the driver. The driver cannot wait for more than 10 minutes. A $50 delivery fee will apply if the driver is to return which will be at the end of the delivery run.

Pick Up Arrangements

For pickups, you or a pre-designated person must be at home or the function venue at the time arranged to meet the driver. The venue must be open for pickups at the time pre-arranged. The driver cannot wait for more than 10 minutes. The $50 security bond will be forfeited if the driver is to return.



No cheques or credit cards accepted on the delivery day. Please pay CASH ONLY on the delivery day The Jukebox cannot be delivered otherwise!! A delivery fee of $50 will apply if the driver is to return which will be at the end of the delivery run. Bank direct deposit are also accepted at least 3 days before your function date. Please ask for our bank details.


Your assistance WILL be required if the Jukebox is to be taken up any steps, steep driveways or gravel paths. Refer to Paragraph 5 in “Conditions of Rental” on positioning the Jukebox.

Contact Details

Please check you have given us your correct contact name, address and delivery address details.

Contact Numbers

Please check we have your correct phone numbers and mobile phone numbers for pre-arranged calls. Mobile phones must turned ON!

Positioning the Jukebox

The jukebox is to be kept under a permanent shelter ie. Covered patio (for protection against the weather), on cement, pavers or wooden deck. (NO MARQUESS OR TARPAULINS OR IN THE OPEN AIR). The maximum cord length permitted is 10 meters from the first power point (not a plug board). The Jukebox and equipment is to be stored in a locked room immediately after the function for safe keeping overnight. NO GENERATORS PERMITTED, MUST BE MAINS SUPPLIED POWER

Club & Restaurant / Function Room Security

Please check on the security at the club. The Jukebox delivery driver has the final say in determining if a premise is secure for storing the Jukebox at a premise overnight. If the premise is not a secure venue, arrangements will be made to collect the Jukebox immediately after your function. An after-hours collection fee will be charged and payable with the Jukebox rental costs.

For any enquiries on the day phone: 0411 497216.